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Finally after 15 years of hard work of falling down, picking myself up and starting again and learning from my mistakes with dedication. I can finally welcome you all to my world - THE WORLD OF MASIKA 


In One day I will take you to a journey through the world of art, fashion, music and a mouth watering dinner prepared by me and my team from Mama's Food catering service. You will also get a chance to buy my fashion collections and Merchendise at the Masika Boutique.


It has been a long journey especialy of intergrating in Switzerland and so many Wonderfull people have been part of it, stood by me and continue to stand with me until now. I am soo Gratefull for your support and I am ready to share my Story and journey of Intergration with you.❤


20% of all tickets and goods sold at this event will be donated to the project Hope For Girls ( for Building the new  School/Competence Center). You're all welcome and I cant wait to personaly welcome you to my world - Karibu (Your Welcome)❤


See you soon





CD Digipack and 12" Vinyl LP limited edition both comes with extraordinary 12- page booklet. Purchase it directly here!

To stream or download click on the album cover.

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Claudia Masika - Rafiki Live!
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Claudia Masika - Rafiki Live!

Claudia Masika - Rafiki Live!

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Claudia Masika: Kiko (Papah Juju) Official Video

Claudia Masika: Kiko (Papah Juju) Official Video

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Claudia Masika: Home Sweet Home

Claudia Masika: Home Sweet Home

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On Claudias Facebook you will see snippets of concerts, rehearsals, funny scenes, insights of studio sessions ...

The complete album "RAFIKI" is out!

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Tour 2024

The upcoming tour will be supported by


The new tourdates will be announced gradually. Please pass by from time to time to check the new dates.

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A collection of played Gigs:

  • Lange Nacht der Museen Zürich (CH) 2019

  • Afropfingsten Winterthur (CH) 2019

  • CHIALA Afrika Festival Graz (AUT) 2019

  • Buskers Bern (CH) 2019

  • Jazzfestival Montreux (CH) 2019

  • Sziget Festival Budapest (HU) 2018

  • Free Tree Festival Taiskirchen (AUT) 2018

  • Black Horse Wels (AUT) 2018

  • Afrika Tage Wien (AUT) 2018


  • Bluesfestival Baden (CH) 2022

  • Lucerne Festival in den Strassen (CH) 2021

  • Uhuru Festival Solothurn (CH) 2021

  • Strandbar Villnachern (CH 2018

  • Gersauer Herbst  (CH) 2018

  • MidA Aarau (CH) 2018

  • Blue Turtle Faulensee (CH) 2018

  • Fest der Kulturen Triesen (LIE) 2018

  • Maienzug Vorabend Aarau (CH) 2017



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Claudia Masika is a multitalented Kenyan artist who brings the African sun into our hearts.
Her grandmother recognized Claudia’s great talent and taught her the traditional songs of the Luo tribe.

In her teenage years she started mixing traditional songs with modern sounds and created an exciting Afro-Fusion. After her first chart hits in Kenya she decided to continue her career in Europe. She now lives in Switzerland and has established herself as a musician and artist. Furthermore she created her own fashion label and a social project “Hope for Girls Foundation (HOFOGI)” in Kenya.

With her charisma, lots of positive energy, great songs and a groovy band she puts a smile on the audience’s face and makes the crowd dance!


Lebensfreude pur!

Über die stimmgewaltige Sängerin Claudia Masika sagte bereits ihre Grossmutter mit viel Stolz: «Endlich haben wir eine weitere Musikerin in der Familie!» Von ihr lernte Claudia in Kenia die Magie der traditionellen Gesänge in der Sprache der «Luo». Mit ihrem mitreissenden Afro-Fusion-Sound begeisterte sie an diversen Afrika-Festivals in ganz Europa, bis hin zum Montreux Jazz Festival und zum Sziget in Budapest. Seit rund 15 Jahren lebt die vielseitige Künstlerin in der Schweiz. Sie etablierte sich sowohl als Musikerin, wie auch als Malerin, als Inhaberin eines eigenen Modelabels, wie auch als Gründerin und Präsidentin eines Hilfswerks für junge Frauen in Kenia (HOFOGI).

Mit ihrer positiven Energie, ausdrucksstarken Songs, einer hochkarätigen multinationalen Band im Rücken und dem brandneuen Album «Rafiki» im Gepäck zaubert sie dem Publikum ein Lächeln ins Gesicht und Rhythmus in die Beine.

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